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It was the night of Halloween and I saw a Santa in a store window. They didn’t even wait for midnight. (And hey, isn’t Thanksgiving sandwiched in there?) So I decided to write about this topic now, rather than next month.

For those who celebrate in December, there are a lot of holidays—and with them come obligations, even if only self-imposed. There are cards to sign, presents to buy—even just figuring out what to give can eat away the hours—not to mention the cooking, the decorating, the office parties, family parties. Yep. To the writer, time eaters.

And that’s okay.

While it might feel better to stay glued to your laptop and not deal with the aunt who offers advice completely contrary to your own or witness the same argument between cousins that has been going on since you were in diapers—don’t. Real life can be mundane and strangely blank after watching all the bright colors of TV and computer graphics, but this is where we gather the good stuff. The stuff that seeps into our pores and allows us to write those pages.

No, I’m not suggesting we use everyone in our stories. I’m suggesting that we acknowledge that December is a crazy month filled with extra stresses as well as joys. Admitting it at least alleviates the guilt at seeing a thin layer of dust on our laptops.

Go easy on yourself. Enjoy the moments. Remember, you can always write in January.

And for those currently gripped by NaNoWriMo, congrats!


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