Me and Star Wars (No Spoilers)

  • December 28, 2015
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No, I haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie yet.

Yes, I’m going to!

So please, no spoilers. Thanks.

When I saw the first Star Wars film, I was sitting in the balcony with a huge tub of popcorn on my lap. When Han Solo came back, the entire theater erupted into cheers and everyone leapt to their feet, including me—who forgot about the tub of popcorn. The popcorn went up and showered everyone nearby and probably some people below. No one cared.

The Cost of Publishing a Novel



Going Indie


Isn’t it free to post a book at, say, Amazon? Well, yes. But that’s the end of the process so let’s start at the beginning.

I’m not going to try and figure out how many reams of paper or toner ink I went through for my printer. Everyone expects that.

Let’s talk about the cost of professionally putting a book together for publication.

What is Urban Fantasy?



When I tell people that my forthcoming novel is urban fantasy, I often get blank looks and an honest “I don’t know what that is.” When I say, “It’s fantasy—you know, like science fiction/fantasy?” they nod, reassured that they now know what I’m writing. But when I try to explain further, it’s like wading through mud.

The Piano Lessons End…Or Do They?


I wrote about taking a piano class at a community college (see A Writer Learns Piano), and the class ended on Thursday. I learned how to move my fingers along the keyboard, something I couldn’t figure out before. A thrill crawled up my spine when I played a simplified (really simplified) version of Für Elise. Centuries of music stirred under my fingertips.

And the thing that really surprised me? That I enjoyed playing Für Elise. Aside from loving the Nutcracker Suite, I had no real desire to play classical music. My goal was to learn enough to play jazz/blues. I surprised myself.

What if I had hated it? Or been bored with it? Then that would have been another thing learned about myself. How would I know any of it if I hadn’t tried?

I’ve decided I’m not done. I’m looking into more lessons.

Find something that looks interesting. Go. Try.




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