Road Trip

  • March 25, 2018
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Headed up toward the Catskill Mountains this weekend. No matter what the calendar says, spring isn’t quite here yet. But the views were still amazing. My friend Noreen captured the scene above as I sped along.

The prettiest she shed:

And of course, eating. I was very happy with the sizzling soy (yes, soy) platter:

For anyone wanting to try their cuisine, they can be found here:

It was a good day.



And It’s Done!

  • March 19, 2018
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I finally finished my short story for the anthology Elements: Tales From The Substratum, and it’s now being reviewed by my editors. And what does one do in the meantime?


Why There’s No Picture of Me

  • March 11, 2018
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So far, my views have remained the same:

To Be or Not To Be…Seen



*Image courtesy of scottchan at

Spring is Coming–Writers, Are You Ready?

  • March 05, 2018
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In preparation, I’m reposting a couple of blog entries to get us all in the mood.

Spring Cleaning for Writers


A Writer Battles the Paper Monster

*Image courtesy of vectorolie at




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