Random Autumn Pics

  • October 18, 2021
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The leaves haven’t turned much here yet so here are a few pics taken at the Queens Farm Museum and a farm stand in Westchester.


Using ASL to Learn Korean

  • October 03, 2021
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I first used American Sign Language when trying to remember how to say numbers 1-10 in Korean. (Bear with me on this as there are actually two different number systems in that language.) While studying one set, I began signing them in ASL and discovered that the physical movement helped me to remember the numbers more easily. When I needed to learn the other number system, I switched hands. Don’t ask me why, but it worked.

Now I’m learning words that are directional and I kept mixing them up. “Front” to “side” to “underneath” to…you get the idea. So, I went to handspeak.com and looked up the signs for those words and began practicing. Once again, connecting a word to a physical action fixed it more firmly in my mind. Added bonus: I’m getting practice in ASL.

That’s my tip of the week.


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