Writing on the Road and There’s No Pen

  • April 29, 2018
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What do you do when you’re driving and a great line of dialogue pops into your head?

I try not to think of my stories during those times but sometimes it’s a natural progression of thought (do we ever really stop thinking about those people?).

I had the line, the perfect sentence. But I was driving and there was no place to pull over. I called a friend.

I Was Illiterate

  • April 22, 2018
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“Your child will never learn to read.”

That’s what my first-grade teacher told my mother on open school night. With one sentence, she consigned me to a lifetime of illiteracy.

Librarians: My Superheroes

  • April 15, 2018
  • Blog

When I was a kid, I read a book of short stories that haunted me for years. The stories ranged from fantasy to horror, and while I remembered the basic plots of two of the stories, I couldn’t remember the titles or the authors. I tried my best but finally realized that the chances of finding the book were slim to none.

Eclectic Reading or Who I Really Am

  • April 09, 2018
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I’m a reader as well as a writer. How else could I know the magic of books? Here’s my current reading list, which covers urban fantasy, thrillers, and crafting.

What’s on your reading list?



Happy Holidays

  • April 02, 2018
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