Book Review: The Girl with Ghost Eyes

  • July 17, 2017
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I love books that don’t feed me every tidbit of information but allow me to discover the meaning as I read. Or not. Some things I need to look up after. And that’s okay.

M. H. Boroson’s The Girl with Ghost Eyes is an urban fantasy that’s intriguing and serious, with magic and humor added to the mix. The many layers in this tale weave itself into a complicated tapestry that’s both old and new. Set in nineteenth-century San Francisco, it covers its history well regarding Chinese immigration and how women were treated. Add in magic (magic that doesn’t make those problems disappear) and it’s a fascinating story that doesn’t take the easy way out.

What To Do When You Get a Bad Review

  • March 13, 2016
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Do you think you’ll never get a bad review? Think again. Better yet, be prepared. If you don’t have a thick skin when your book goes public, develop one. Buy one, if there’s a store in the universe that will deliver. But have it in place and use it.

Here is the number one rule (the only rule, actually) for responding to a bad review:


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