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Seeking Wonder: Inside United House Wrecking, Inc.

  • September 19, 2016
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When I was growing up, my parents played a game that my brothers and I loved. They’d utter the words “We’re going for a drive,” and we’d stop whatever we were doing and scramble into the back seat. Because we never knew where we’d end up.

On one of the trips, my parents and I drove until we were in Connecticut. My father picked an exit at random and we got off the highway and found ourselves traveling a deserted road.

“What is this?” my mother wondered. I could hear the slight worry in her voice.

And then we saw it. The most amazing place. A junkyard filled with antiques and glass bottles and doorknobs and statues. It was a world of magic and imagination.


Years passed, and I wondered if the place still existed. They moved to an easier-to-find location but they were still in Connecticut. And yes, they still sold doorknobs.


I breathed in the scent of wood and age and memories and walked through the rooms and narrow spaces and stopped. There was a door.


But it wasn’t just one door. The path leading to it was all doors, and I wondered, if I touched one, where would I go?


I didn’t touch. I have a cat at home and decided that traveling through dimensions would make it difficult to feed him on time. Yep, there’s the main difference when an adult goes on adventures. Someone still needs to feed the cat.

I continued walking. There was the whimsical:


And the strange.


I looked at the gargoyle through the camera and I swear it blinked. I lowered the camera and looked at the gargoyle again. It didn’t move. Riiiigght.

There was more. Furniture and stained glass and fireplaces and chests that looked like they belonged in Aladdin’s cave. I actually ended up buying a camera for a friend and walked out with story ideas buzzing around my head. I’ll go there again. Who would turn away from magic?

One last mention. The people were friendly and I had the privilege of meeting one of the family owners, Phil. So take a look at your house and think about adding something special, something with perhaps a touch of magic.

Oh, and there’s one thing you should know when you visit. There are two Yankee Stadium seats in that store. They are not for sale. 🙂


United House Wrecking Inc.

535 Hope Street

Stamford, CT 06906







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