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  • August 07, 2017
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Let’s start at the end. The picture above is nice, isn’t it? Bright, cheery folders waiting to be stuffed with story ideas, research articles, snippets of works to be written someday, and more.

I bought my four-drawer file cabinet from a used-office-furniture store and the rods inside the drawers didn’t last long. Fortunately, buying replacements was easy. I headed to Staples and brought home a box of two, to start.

The instructions….Does anyone know if the people who write those things ever try them out? Ever? Apparently I was supposed to measure the drawer and choose one of the notches in the rod to snap off at that point so it would fit. They suggested using pliers to bend it at the notch until it broke off.

Maybe if you bench press 400 pounds.

A friend offered a solution. I drove to her house and she sawed off the pieces. But—oops—not at the notches because my drawers weren’t as deep as the shortest notch. Really, manufacturers, you couldn’t have created more notches to work with? It’s like wearing a sandal where that final notch still leaves it loose and I’d need to poke a hole to make it fit. And metal is much more difficult.

After sawing four rods, I headed home and opened a drawer. Stacked piles of papers greeted me. I dumped them onto a table and added the beautiful folders. Labels will be added as I create categories. Which is a topic for another day.


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