Elements: Tales From the Substratum–An Excerpt

Elements–An Excerpt From R.G. Emanuelle

Elements–An Excerpt From Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin

  • May 27, 2018
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This week, author Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin is up, sharing an excerpt from her horror story “An Opening Black and Infinite.” You’ll be able to read it in its entirety later this summer in the anthology Elements: Tales From the Substratum. Enjoy!

CVN: I chose ether, often called the fifth element, matter that makes up the heavens or at least the upper reaches of space. I wanted that indefinable place between the material and immaterial worlds. Reggie thinks she’s firmly planted in the former—until Antonio shows her otherwise.



Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin


He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Reggie thought he would knuckle the eyeballs into the back of his head. When he removed his fingers the sclera showed bluish-white. “I’ll tell you what to do.”

Reggie waved a hand. “I don’t believe any of this, you know.”

“Celia may have been in on it.”

Reggie froze. “I didn’t mention her name.”

“No, you didn’t.” Antonio smiled, and for a flash he had the eyes of a shark.

Reggie turned to Lita. “I never told you about her, did I?”


“Then how—”

“What he said about himself.”

Reggie held her breath as this sank in.

“Listen to him,” Lita said.

Antonio wrinkled his nose like a feral dog smelling a rival on the wind. “Find a Y-crossroad. It must be a fork with two prongs. The place where they intersect is the area of creation and decision. What you are creating and what you are deciding. The park out back—” He indicated a window. “Lots of those crossroads.”

No, Reggie thought.

“Everything I’m about to tell you,” Antonio said, “you must do between midnight and 3 a.m. That’s when the veil between worlds is thinnest. If something is going to come through, good or bad, that’s when it will be.”

Next week, R.G. Emanuelle will share an excerpt from her paranormal lesfic romance, “Pyromaniac.” Come check it out!

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