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Yes, It’s Humid Here, Folks

  • August 05, 2018
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And what does one do when sweat slicks along the skin and hair becomes limp or frizzed out? When walking one block leaves clothes sticking like a rubber glove and suddenly there’s no energy to take another step?

Write about it, of course.

New York City is an open sauna right now. The good news? The muggy weather is great for dieting (nausea will do that to you).

It’s also good for starting conversations. The misery of melting outside, rain or sun, creates a feeling of fellow suffering. Just saying “Some weather, huh?” as I walk past people walking their dogs gets a relieved reply, as if we’ve unburdened ourselves of some deep secret.

Otherwise, I’m hard pressed to come up with a good justification for this nasty humidity. But I can take notes and use it in a future story.

Stay cool, everybody! And be nice to the tourists—poor things—who came here in the sticky month many New Yorkers try to escape.


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