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Writing Again

  • June 26, 2017
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I took a hiatus from writing fiction. When Magical Ties was published, I had reached the stage where if I had to proof it one more time—! Not because I didn’t like my story (I did), but because when reading it as a proofreader and copy editor I was too busy looking for technical errors to enjoy it. Probably too afraid to enjoy it, worried I’d miss a mistake. Doing that intensive focus for four or five times in a row was necessary but brutal to my brain.

So when the book was finally up and running, I looked at those characters—some of whom I’d become friends with while others I wanted to beat the crap out of—and said, “I need to stop for a while.” And they understood.

I wrote other things, including a short story I’m extra proud of because I hadn’t realized until it was finished that it was about PTSD couched in terms of fantasy and demons.

But aside from tending to my blog and day-to-day life, I wondered where my writing spark went.

It’s still here. Recently, while editing someone’s story, I realized it had never left.

It was just waiting for me to sit down and try.

Ain’t that a kick? All I had to do was try. Even if the pages written were crappy, it was fine, I was warming up. Like anything else, without practice, it’s easy to get rusty. I noticed a few stock phrases I’d used in my own work and deleted them.

Warming up now.


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