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Where Do You Keep Your Books?

  • February 14, 2022
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I’ve always loved magazines about decorating. They inspire and motivate me. But where are the books in those homes? Oh sure, I’ll see a few placed artistically on a coffee table, with a bowl of fruit or yarn stacked on top. And what a pain that would be to get to the book without the bowl tipping and the contents going everywhere.

Or maybe there will be a couple of shelves featured in a home office layout. With space for statue bookends or photographs. Riiiight.

Let’s forget the designers who thought it was a good idea to fill bookcases with the pages facing out instead of the spine. Their idea of “let’s make this look like a beige wall, see how it cleans up the area and gives the illusion of more space?”

Bite me.

I have ebooks, sure. But I have paper books. A lot. Most of them reside in three 6-foot-tall bookcases in one area that’s tucked down the foyer from the living room (that’s “hallway” to non-New Yorkers). I know I have 600+ books in paper so a lot of space is needed. But that’s my point. Where are the books in those lovely decorating magazines? Is it because battered and lived-in books don’t go with the décor? How am I supposed to look at those spaces and know there’s no way to have that spacious cottage look? C’mon, I know people are reading! Come on out and share, where do you keep your books?


1 Comment
  • Marie MacBryde • February 14, 2022 at 9:18 am

    Besides the bookshelves, underthe bed. In boxes. In the basement.

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