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The Saga of the Chair, Part Three

  • April 24, 2017
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I bought a chair. And I confess, I’ve never paid so much for one. But it’s exactly what I asked for, a workhorse that I can sit in for 17 hours a day without the seat cushion flattening and putting the back curve out of alignment. These things matter, people.

There were also chairs designed for 24/7 sitting, industrial-strength chairs built for professions like police dispatch, but I decided I didn’t need to go to that extreme.

And there were other chairs I tried out, perfectly acceptable chairs that fit my criteria that simply didn’t feel comfortable. I can’t imagine buying one without sitting in it first.

While the chair above is the one I bought, this will be the fabric and color:

It should be ready in about three weeks. And my advice is, get a good chair. The cost doesn’t matter. The fit and longevity matters. Your job as a writer matters. Treat yourself accordingly.

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