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I Bought Another Pen

Pens, Pens, Pens

  • November 23, 2020
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Sometimes writing by hand is the best way to get the creativity moving along. I have three pens that do the job.

First is my workhorse, the one I travel with and use for everyday stuff. I buy this model by the box, and if I lost one I wouldn’t scream. It’s the Pilot G-2 in bold point. It runs smoothly, doesn’t skip, and is a beautiful, dark blue.

Next up is a new addition to my family, a gift from a friend. It’s a fountain pen, a Farber-Castell, aptly named Ambition. I’ve had to learn how to barely press the nib to the page so that it practically floats over the paper, pretty effortless to use.

And finally, my pen for special occasions, the sterling silver Parker 75 fountain pen. My brother gave it to me as a graduation present. This one never leaves the house. It has a weightier feel to it than the others, and the vibe is completely different when I use it. It makes me want to learn calligraphy.

So there you have it. Different pens can evoke different moods and a more personal touch when connecting to the page.


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