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  • February 02, 2015
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On Saturday night, I was at the Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor (I kid you not, that’s the name of the place) and met up with six women interested in tapestry weaving. Two of them arranged the meet and were generous and welcoming with their looms and knowledge. The rest of us were newbies.

My creative pursuits have always been in writing (and, to a lesser degree, dance). But this past year, I’ve been exploring the world of yarn. Loom knitting and weaving are providing me with a new pathway in my thoughts, both in a meditative sense and with a different kind of creativity.

I can’t say it’s going to make my writing better or offer new plot ideas. In fact, I’m perfectly happy if it doesn’t. The idea of doing something that’s so divorced from writing is invigorating. That sounds opposite to meditative but it’s still true. It’s something new, something that requires my hands to help with the thinking.

A new pursuit is a good way to keep from getting stagnant. Sticking with that pursuit becomes a way to deepen the skills and lessons it provides. And who knows? Maybe it will drift into a story or two. Maybe it won’t. That’s not the point of it. And I’m content.




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