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Know What These are Called?

  • March 21, 2021
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I grew up calling them horse reins but very few people know that I’m talking about these things instead of, you know, something for an actual horse. I’ve heard them called knitting spools and Nancy knitters. Once upon a time they were used to make reins for a horse.

Either way, they create a soothing, repetitive motion that results in a long, knitted rope. Coiled into a shape, the rope is sewn together and (depending on the length and yarn) turned into a coaster, placemat, or rug. There are probably other things to make, but those are the things that would be on my radar.

I was always told that using regular yarn to make a rug would be a bad idea because the rug would turn out too thin. But after watching a YouTube vid that showed how it was possible, I’m ready to get to work. Considering how much I hate sewing, this will be interesting.

But it will offer me that soothing, repetitive, meditative movement as the yarn loops over a peg again and again. I recommend it.


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