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Decluttering to Write

  • May 23, 2022
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The clutter got to me. It’s been a weight on my shoulders—and worse, in my mind. So I’ve been tackling it, sorting through “sacred” items that turned out to be not very sacred at all. But it’s been a journey of memories and feelings. I’d like to share one small view to show how radical I got this time around.

There’s a built-in cabinet in my foyer (that’s hallway to people out of New York City) and it became a convenient place to dump things, mostly things that belonged in my utilities closet:

I felt proud that I got it down to this:

The air even felt lighter. But this is how it ended up:

I’m not a minimalist. But this one spot feels like an oasis. And that’s good enough. Now I’ll see if there’s space in my head for story ideas to poke through.

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