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Book Review: The Girl with Ghost Eyes

  • July 17, 2017
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I love books that don’t feed me every tidbit of information but allow me to discover the meaning as I read. Or not. Some things I need to look up after. And that’s okay.

M. H. Boroson’s The Girl with Ghost Eyes is an urban fantasy that’s intriguing and serious, with magic and humor added to the mix. The many layers in this tale weave itself into a complicated tapestry that’s both old and new. Set in nineteenth-century San Francisco, it covers its history well regarding Chinese immigration and how women were treated. Add in magic (magic that doesn’t make those problems disappear) and it’s a fascinating story that doesn’t take the easy way out.

The main character is Li-lin, a young widow, who has been trained in magic by her father. Her place in the world is shaken by treachery, and her choices and decisions navigate peril and hardship. Although the magic and monsters are an integral part of the tale, the characters and their motivations are the driving force. I cared what happened to Li-lin and reacted to the other characters from my current-era mindset.

One of the best things about this book is how it opened my mind to practices and history of a different kind, the kind that makes me want to do research and learn more.

It’s a book that continues on after the last page has been read.

Now, go read it.

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