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A Real Ghost Story

  • October 28, 2019
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Following up on prior Halloween reviews of books on real ghost stories, I found a new one in the independent bookstore Briars & Brambles in the Catskill Mountains. But I admit I was taken aback at finding one story more real than I had expected.

I love regional bookstores. And it was no surprise that I’d gravitate toward books about ghost stories. But I had to make a choice and buy only one, so I went to the counter with my choices.

The young woman there smiled politely as I held out the two books in question.

“I’d like to buy one book of local ghost stories but can’t decide,” I said. “Can you help?”

She picked up Haunted Catskills, by Lisa LaMonica, and began flipping pages. “Definitely buy this one! I’m in it!”

“You’re in this one?” My jaw dropped.

“Well, kinda. I know the ghost that’s mentioned in this chapter.” She pointed to the page.

Better and better. “Do you mind telling me?”

“Not at all. My boyfriend lived down that road and he never liked it. He always said it felt weird. One night I was driving him home around midnight and you know, the road had all those twisty turns. And I saw a young girl crouched by the side of the road. So of course I turned around to see if she needed help because who hangs out here at midnight by themselves?”

She paused. “No one was there. And there wasn’t enough time for her to run off.”

“Does your boyfriend still live on that road?”

She smiled impishly. “Nope. He moved in with me.”

So there you have it, folks. Happy Halloween and drive safe!



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